Certain trends go in and out of style as the decades go by. And whether it’s fashion or interior design, retro or vintage styles are always popular. It may be a sense of nostalgia for previous generations, or the fact of looking back and admiring generations that you didn’t live through. Retro styles can add lots of character to a space, so let’s look at some simple yet interesting ways to add a touch of retro or vintage style to your home.

Pops of color

While modern style is often associated with minimalist, neutral, and often monochromatic color schemes, styles of the 60s and 70s especially certainly weren’t afraid to go bold with color. Adding splashes of bright greens, yellows, and oranges in your furniture or décor is a simple way to give a room a retro feel.

When it comes to your countertops, stone with natural flecks of color can add to that retro vibe and complement the splashes of color you’ve chosen without going overboard. Or you can opt for a backsplash in that same bold color to stand out while matching the rest of the room.

Patterns and textures

It’s not just color that takes center stage in retro design, but also exciting patterns and textures. Furniture covers, wallpapers, and floors can feature striking geometric patterns that really draw the eye. And there’s a mix of textures on display, from thick shag carpets to glossier finishes.

Retro floor styles

We’ve already mentioned shag carpets, a popular feature of retro living rooms and bedrooms especially. There was also a trend of colorful carpeting in bathrooms in the 70s, but this has fallen out of favor even in modern retro design due to practicality reasons. Another popular retro floor style is stone or porcelain tiles in bold, contrasting colors. For example, the classic black and white tile pattern that you might associate with 50s diners.

Dynamic furniture

Retro style can sometimes be less cohesive than modern interior design, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There isn’t always a single focal point to a room. Abstract and dynamic pieces of furniture in the same room could each stand out in their own way, perhaps with a different bold color or a slightly different style.

Retro accessories

If you want to go all out with the retro look, take a step back in time with electronics and accessories. Whether they’re just for show or you actually use them, you could add a retro record player or a traditional dialler telephone, for example. The artwork you choose for your walls can also add to the retro feel.

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