Rustic interior design can create a warm, natural atmosphere and a rugged look. It’s not as smooth and clean as other styles, but this adds a lot of character. Whether you’re designing an entirely rustic, country-style home or just want to add some character to your bathroom with a unique rustic style, we’ve got some tips to help you pull this off.

Wood features

Wood paneling, vanities, and other wood features give a nice natural look to your bathroom. Reclaimed wood and unfinished wood especially create a rugged, rustic appeal. Bear in mind the effect of moisture in the bathroom on wood features, however. Certain types of wood are better suited to the bathroom based on porosity, or a finish may be required to protect it. Alternatively, you can choose faux wood materials to produce a similar aesthetic without the risk of water damage.

Natural stone

Natural stone is a mainstay of rustic design, along with other natural materials such as wood. Again, reclaimed natural stone can add to the rusticity of it, or the finish you choose for your stone countertop can make a big difference. Rather than a polished finish, a honed or a brushed finish can look better in this kind of space. Alternatively, unfinished natural stone is an option. Exposed brick is also a great, rustic look if that’s an option.

Farmhouse sink

A farmhouse sink makes an attractive addition to a rustic bathroom. This kind of sink is typically set into the vanity with the front of it exposed. Alternatively, a rustic-style sink can sit on top of the vanity for a more exposed look. Additionally, a natural stone sink offers a more rustic alternative to the typical polished ceramic look.

Rustic accessories and storage

Now for some finishing touches. Small details like your shower curtain, artwork on the wall, and decorations on the windowsill can add to the country or farmhouse aesthetic. Then also think about your storage. Rather than a complete vanity, you could opt for an open space under the sink and bathroom countertop, and then place items such as wicker baskets or wooden crates in this space for storing your toiletries and bathroom accessories.

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