Can You Change the Color of Your Countertops?

One of the best things about natural stone countertops is that they’re available in pretty much endless arrays of hues and patterns. But what if you choose your color of granite only to change your mind a few years down the line? Or maybe you remodel your kitchen and...

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What Are Solid Surface Countertops?

You’ve probably heard a lot about the different natural stone countertop materials available, like marble, travertine, and granite countertops. These are easy to understand – natural materials taken from the ground and processed into attractive stone countertops. And...

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Understanding Countertop Thickness

There are lots of decisions to make when installing new bathroom or kitchen countertops. What material are you going to use? What color or style? Which type of edge profile? But there’s another decision that sometimes gets overlooked, with people opting for the...

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A Guide to Adding A Breakfast Bar to Your Home

Are you looking for a new element to add to your home? One that’s both practical and stylish? Then consider adding a breakfast bar. Whether you’re designing or renovating your home, a breakfast bar could make a great addition to your plans. Read on for some tips,...

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Top Tips for Looking After Tile

Whether you’ve got tiled floors, walls, or countertops, you want to make sure they stay clean and looking nice. To help you achieve this for your kitchen and bathroom tile, we’ve got some tips to follow when taking care of and cleaning your natural stone tiles....

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