How to Choose the Right Color for Your Kitchen Countertop

by | Oct 15, 2015 | News

amanzi-countertopThe kitchen countertops available today in shops are made from a variety of materials, and that means they come in many colors. Choosing the right color for your countertop can be tricky, especially if you’re furnishing a new kitchen or redecorating an old one and you’re not sure what colors will predominate.


If you start thinking about the material you want your kitchen countertop to be made from you will narrow down the available color options considerably. Synthetic countertop materials such as polyester resins or acrylic tend to be available in a wide color spectrum, but natural materials such as marble or granite are generally only available in their natural colors. Laminate countertops offer the most color choices, but they are the least durable.

Choosing a neutral tone for your countertop, and kitchen in general, is a good idea for most households, and it might be good for you as well. It will give you more decoration options. A strong color can limit your decoration options, but it can also give your kitchen a powerful look. In the end the choice is yours. Consider well!

What’s important to keep in mind is not to buy a new countertop based only on its color, ignoring the material from which it’s made. Purchasing a high-quality, long-lasting gray granite countertop is preferable to buying a cheap acrylic one, even if the latter has an astounding color. In a house with a large family and plenty of kids the kitchen countertop is going to be used a lot, and it needs to be tough and stain-resistant. The countertop is one of those items that should ultimately be chosen for its quality.

In the end, when choosing the color of your next countertop consider the color of the walls and cabinets, as well as the lighting that your kitchen gets. Bright colors may look much better in a kitchen flooded by sunlight. Darker colors, on the other hand, tend to look better in electric light. If your kitchen is shadowy, you want bright colors to liven it up. And don’t forget to consider the color of your flooring and kitchen appliances so everything compliments your style and vision for your kitchen!