A water feature can really lift your garden aesthetically and even create a zen-like atmosphere; great for relaxing in your backyard during the day or on warm evenings. As a durable, weather-resistant, and attractive material, natural stone makes the perfect addition to your water features and their surrounding areas. Let’s look at some ideas for using natural stone in your outdoor water features and the best types of stone to use.

Ponds and rockeries

A pond is not only an attractive water feature, but it also encourages biodiversity by providing a natural home for insects, frogs and toads, and other local wildlife. Designing a rockery around your pond is a great look, and you can use pebbles inside your pond to create a shallower end that makes it easy for small wildlife to get in and out.

Stone-walled water features

If you’ve got young kids or pets, then safety around water features like pools and ponds is especially important. But fencing off your water feature doesn’t have to detract from its visual appeal. A low natural stone wall can add to decorative elements of the feature while still making it safer.

Water fountains

Water fountains can range from modest to grand, so there’s an idea for everyone’s budget and style. Granite, marble, limestone, and sandstone are all popular natural stone materials for buildings fountains, standing up to a range of weather conditions. Larger fountains may have a paved area around them, or you can surround your fountain with colorful flowers and plants. Water fountains of all sizes are also good for attracting birds to your garden.


Waterfalls can be standalone features or incorporated into a pond. Natural stone can be arranged in a wide variety of ways to create a beautiful cascading feature, producing the relaxing sound of running water as well. Slabs of slate are a good option for waterfalls, as are larger rocks of various different types.

Stone paths leading to your water feature

If you want to make your water feature a focal point of your garden, then a great idea is to have a path leading up to it. This provides easy access as well as creating a natural flow around your garden to certain focal points, and stone paths can boast a range of stunning designs.

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