Natural stone is well-suited to outdoor use because it is so tough and durable. On the other hand, the porous nature of many natural stone materials gives it a weakness against rain and other elements. But when sealed and looked after properly, natural stone can still provide a great surface for your outdoor countertops.

Let’s look at some of the best materials that can stand up to the sun, wind, rain, frost, and even snow.


Homeowners across the country love the look of granite in their kitchens. Luckily, it’s one of the toughest natural stones there is, so is also suitable for use outside. It will need sealing on a regular basis to counteract the porosity of the stone, but it will, generally, stand up well to wear and tear from the weather and regular use.


Soapstone is highly resistant against heat and is pretty non-porous compared to other natural stones. Not only does this make it effective at resisting moisture from rain and humidity, but it also makes it resistant against bacteria. Soapstone is also an attractive material that would look great in an outdoor space.


Marble is a softer stone compared to granite but is still pretty durable. So, while it may wear over time from exposure to the elements, it is still a long-lasting countertop option. The key here is to avoid polished marble. This will get worn by the elements over time and basically end up looking like a honed marble surface after a while. Sealing your marble countertops is also important to help them last longer and in good condition.

Which materials should you avoid?

Here are a couple of popular countertop materials that you should avoid for use outdoors:

Laminate – The make-up of the particleboard used in laminate makes it unsuitable for outdoor use. This material will readily absorb moisture, which can cause your countertops to warp or rot.

Quartz – You’d think engineered quartz would be a go-to for outdoor kitchen countertops because it isn’t porous like true natural stone and doesn’t need sealing. But, it’s actually the resins used to manufacture quartz that cannot handle the elements and would become damaged. It is also likely to become discolored in the sun.

Which material will you choose for your outdoor kitchen countertops? You can come into our Kernersville showroom to take a look at your options and ask for our expert advice. Get in touch if you have any questions or are ready to install your new countertops in Kernersville, Winston Salem, Greensboro, or High Point.