The process of planning interior design and remodeling your home is quite different and more accessible than it was several decades ago thanks to all of the inspiration and tips that are easily accessible on the internet. One useful and often entertaining website you can use is the social media platform, Pinterest. You can go down lots of different rabbit holes that could help you plan your dream kitchen remodel.

How to use Pinterest

Just create a free account with Pinterest to start “pinning” posts and content, which essentially means saving these posts so that you can easily find them again later, or let other users see them on your account. In your profile, you can create different “boards” for different topics or purposes. When you pin a post, you can decide which board to pin it to, helping you organize your saved content. Think of it like a digital version of using notice boards and thumbtacks in real life.

To find content that you want to pin, you can search for specific keywords or browse the more general categories on the site, or check out the profiles of other users to see what content they’ve pinned to their boards. Pinned content can be just an image or it can link to an article on another website, providing even more value and information.

Why is Pinterest great for interior design?

Pinterest can serve two big purposes when you use it for your remodels and interior design – firstly, helping you find lots of great ideas and inspiration for your remodel, and secondly, allowing you to easily organize and store your ideas, making the planning process easier. You could create a board for each room in your house, for example, and find ideas that you like for each room.

Pinterest for your kitchen remodel

If you’re using Pinterest for your kitchen remodel, you could create a board for each design element you need to decide on such as kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, and more. Or, if you’re earlier on in the process and are still deciding what kind of style and aesthetic you’re going for, you could create boards for different ideas, like a “rustic kitchen” board and another for more modern design ideas.

Search for the topic you want to research, or just for “kitchen remodeling” more generally, and browse the images to find aesthetics or design ideas that appeal to you. You can click on the pin to visit the associated website or article, where you might find more tips and ideas. Once you find an idea that you might want to incorporate in your kitchen remodel, make sure you pin it so that you can come back to it later and won’t forget what the idea was.

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