The material, color, shape, and pattern of your bathroom tiles are all important elements when choosing your tiles, but one aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is texture. The texture of your tiles doesn’t just determine how they feel underfoot, but can also add to the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. Let’s look at some of the different textures available as well as the advantages of textured tiles and some considerations to make.

The safety of textured floor tiles

The bathroom can be a slippery place when you’ve just showered or taken a bath. This can especially be a danger for seniors or anyone with low mobility or a physical disability that can affect their balance and core strength. One benefit of textured floor tiles is that they provide more grip underfoot and don’t become as slippery as glossy, polished tiles. You can buy specific non-slip tiles for this purpose.

Add interest to your bathroom

Textured tiles on your bathroom walls may not have the same practical advantages as textured, non-slip floor tiles, but they can still provide interesting aesthetics in your bathroom. With lots of different style options available, they can be used to produce a more traditional or rustic appeal, or create a more modern aesthetic. Whether you use only textured tiles or combine both textured and smooth, they can help to create a more distinctive look compared to a completely smooth and pristine wall of tiles.

Consider cleaning

One potential downside of textured tiles is that they can be more difficult to clean compared to smooth tiles. Dirt and grime can build up around the ridges and raised areas of your textured tiles, and it’s easier to pick up all of the dust and dirt when wiping, mopping, or vacuuming smooth tiles since you don’t have to get around all of the nooks and crannies.

Different textures for your natural stone tiles

Textured tiles can range from a slightly worn appearance and feel, such as tumbled natural stone tiles, to rougher textures and even stylistic ones, such as tiles that feature raised lines or waves. Natural stone tiles can also be brushed to create a subtle texture that lends some grip to the surface. There is a wide range of options available, so start your research to find the best textured tiles for your bathroom.

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