Quartz Countertops

Rivaling natural stone countertops are man-made options such as quartz. Quartz countertops are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom and kitchen renovations for lots of different reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the pros of quartz countertops to see whether they are right for you. 


Appearance – Although quartz is a man-made product, it still has the striking look of natural stone, making it a stand-out feature of any room. Because it’s man-made, you also have a wider range of color choices than many natural stones, including bold colors such as blues and reds as well as the more traditional blacks, whites, and grays. Quartz countertops can fit in well in both modern and traditional style rooms, and can be designed specifically to mimic the appearance of natural stones. 

Easy to maintain – Quartz is a non-porous material, which means that it doesn’t soak up liquids that come from spills on the surface of your countertops. This means they are much less likely to stain and don’t require as much cleaning as porous stone countertops. This also means that quartz countertops don’t need to be sealed. 

Durable – Like most natural stone countertops, quartz countertops are strong and durable. They’re also not too prone to scratches and chips compared to natural stones such as marble, so they’re easy to keep in good condition.

Granite Countertops 

There are lots of reasons for choosing granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom. People choose them for their appearance, durability, and potential resale value, among other things. But how do you know if they’re the right choice for you? There are many other great choices when it comes to natural stone countertops.


Extremely durable – Granite kitchen countertops can last decades as the stone is one of the toughest there is. This means that you won’t need to replace your countertops anytime soon. You’re more likely to move out of or sell your house before you need new countertops. It also means they’re incredibly scratch-resistant, so they’re not prone to damage.

Resistant to heat – As well as being scratch-resistant, granite is also incredibly heat-resistant. This means you don’t have to worry if you accidentally put a hot pan down on your kitchen countertop, there should not be any damage as a result of this. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures isn’t recommended, but everyday activity shouldn’t damage your countertops.

Low maintenance – Part of this is mentioned above, since granite doesn’t damage easily it won’t need a lot of attention and repairs. Also, granite surfaces are nice and easy to clean, especially if you have your countertops sealed. Simply wiping down your surfaces regularly will keep your granite countertops shining.

Wide range of styles – One of the main reasons for choosing granite is the way it looks in your home. But its popularity certainly doesn’t mean your countertops will be unoriginal. Granite comes in a range of colors and patterns, so you can choose a slab that suits your tastes and the style of your home.

If you’re still unsure about whether quartz is the right choice for your countertops, you can use our countertop visualizer tool to see how it might look in your kitchen or bathroom. Once you’ve made your decision, get in touch with Amanzi Granite for supplying and installing your new countertops. We proudly serve the Triad area, including Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.