Although the modern, minimalist style is extremely popular and can look extremely stylish in your home, it isn’t to everyone’s tastes. Some people may prefer more of a traditional style to their homes, even with a rustic appeal. If this describes your design tastes and you’re planning a kitchen remodel, then read on for some tips and ideas for designing a rustic kitchen.

Natural materials

Natural stone and wood are a mainstay of rustic design. Stone is ideal for the flooring, the kitchen countertops, and even the walls. Whereas wood is an even more versatile material that can be used for flooring, walls, kitchen cabinets and islands, kitchen cabinets, and more elements. You can also combine these natural materials with rustic metal accents to combine them with an industrial style.

The weathered look

Rustic kitchens don’t often feature polished and perfectly finished materials. Reclaimed or repurposed materials give a great rustic appeal, or you can even purposefully weather your chosen materials to achieve this look. The slightly rough look of unfinished stone countertops or worn wood flooring can help you perfect that rustic, farmhouse style.

Open shelving

Replacing your upper kitchen cabinets with open shelving adds to the slightly more old-fashioned, farmhouse appeal. Again, opt for more natural, weathered materials. Wood or metal shelving would particularly work well. Open shelving can also help the room to feel more open and spacious, which helps if you have a small kitchen.

Exposed beams

Bring more wood into the room with exposed wooden beams in the ceiling. This also helps to open up the room and make it feel airier and more spacious, while also lending to the rustic farmhouse style you’re looking for. Again, reclaimed or unfinished wood emphasizes this style even more.

Farmhouse sink

A traditional farmhouse sink makes the perfect addition to any rustic-inspired kitchen. And as well as the great aesthetic it provides, farmhouse sinks are also extremely durable and make a convenient addition to your kitchen because they are so spacious, making it easy to wash large pots and dishes.

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