Whether you’re renovating the entire kitchen or just sprucing things up, a new kitchen sink can make a big impact. There are lots of different styles and materials you can choose for your kitchen sink, including natural stone options such as a granite sink. If you want to install a new sink in your kitchen, then here are some of the most popular styles to consider.

Top-mount sink

A top-mount sink, also known as a drop-in sink, is the most common type you’ll usually see. These are installed into the countertop so that the sink basin sits below the countertop level, but the top rim of the sink sits on top of the countertop, producing a small ridge. Usually, silicone is used to properly seal the sink to the countertop. This is one of the most simple and affordable installation types.

Undermount sink

In contrast, an undermount sink is installed from underneath the countertop so that there is no ridge on the top of your counter. These are a little more costly and complicated to install, but many people prefer the more seamless look of a countertop with an undermount sink. This also makes cleaning easier as you can easily wipe into the sink without having to clean around a ridge.

Undermount sinks aren’t suited to all kinds of countertops, such as wood or laminate, but they are ideal for natural stone countertops.

Farmhouse sink

Farmhouse sinks are becoming increasingly popular for their more traditional, rustic appeal. While most sinks have paneling or a dummy drawer installed in front of them to unify the front of the unit, farmhouse sinks are installed in a way that the front of the sink is flush with the front of the cabinets. As well as the appealing style, farmhouse sinks are usually larger than typical sinks, which is handy for washing large pots and pans.

Integrated sink

If you have a solid surface countertop, then an integrated sink could be a good option. These are essentially an extension of the countertop, using the same material and fused together for a completely seamless look. Like undermount sinks, integrated sinks make it easy to clean the countertop and sink. Even easier, in fact, because they do not have the under-counter seam that undermount sinks have. Integrated sinks can be an expensive option though and are typically more common in bathrooms than kitchens.

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