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The Pros and Cons of Natural Stone Sinks

Natural stone kitchen countertops can look so stunning that it’s sometimes a shame to break up the flow and aesthetic with a stainless-steel or ceramic sink. So, why not choose natural stone for your kitchen sink, too? You can essentially make your kitchen sink a continuation of your countertops, or break up the aesthetic by using a different color of stone or a different material for your sink.

If you’re considering adding a natural stone sink to your kitchen, here are some of the pros and cons to consider first…

The pros of natural stone sinks

The first pro we have to mention is the stylish appearance of natural stone sinks. They can bring a real sense of quality and luxury to the design of your kitchen and look much more appealing than standard stainless-steel sinks. A natural stone sink is also more unique and eye-catching because every slab of natural stone quarried from the ground has slightly different patterns and tones to them.

Their aesthetic is also extremely versatile as you can create a rustic look or a sleeker and more streamlined appeal. Natural stone works with a variety of sink styles, including farmhouse, top mount, and undermount sinks.

Natural stone is also an incredibly tough material, ensuring that it should be long-lasting as long as you have it properly sealed. Materials like marble and granite are highly resistant to becoming scratched or chipped from everyday use. Sealed natural stone is also easy to clean and maintain. Just a quick wipe down after use will keep it in good condition.

The cons of natural stone sinks

The main downside to installing a natural stone sink is the cost. The costs of the sink and installation can be much higher than that of more common sink materials like stainless-steel or porcelain. This is because of the extensive and detailed process natural stone goes through to get from the ground to being a stylish part of your home.

The weight of stone sinks can also add to the cost because you may need to add reinforcements to your kitchen units in order to support a natural stone sink. Their weight also makes installation slightly harder, which could also add to the costs.

While stone sinks are easy to clean, you should take into consideration that you’ll need to seal and reseal the material on a regular basis to keep it well maintained.

Weigh up the pros and cons to decide if a granite sink is right for your kitchen, then contact Amanzi Granite to find the perfect slab for your kitchen design.

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