Natural stone countertops and floors are big picture objects – they take up a lot of real estate in a room, meaning that they have a big impact on the style and aesthetic of that room. At Amanzi, we focus on the smaller details as well as the big picture. There are lots of ways you can use granite and other types of natural stone to accent your countertops in stylish ways that will stand out.

Here are some different Amanzi Accents you could add to your home…

Granite & quartz cutting boards

Start small by making your cutting board match your natural stone countertops. So, instead of covering your stunning countertop with an average-looking plastic or wooden cutting board, you can keep the natural stone aesthetic going with a quartz or granite cutting board to match your counters. Natural stone is tough so you won’t easily scratch the surface of your cutting board when you use it, but it still protects your countertops from acidic foods.

Granite & quartz backsplashes

We can also provide granite and quartz backsplashes to complement your natural stone countertops. We can cut these from the same slab to match your countertops, or you might choose to go with a different color to contrast your kitchen countertops and serve as a kind of feature wall and focal point of the room. Read more tips on choosing your backsplash here.

Granite high top tables

High top tables make perfect bars for inside and outside of your home. Whether a breakfast bar for eating at or a bar for serving and enjoying drinks at, a granite counter is a good choice for your high top tables. Granite is a suitable material for outdoor use because it is so durable and can stand up to the weather, making a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen or bar area.

Granite lettering

Make a statement with our 16” high granite letters, available in any color. Create a word or message to hang on your walls or place on your mantel for an eye-catching decoration. They can be also used outdoors, so create your house name or number to add a beautiful accent to the front of your home.

If you’re interested in any of these natural stone accents for your home or yard, then contact Amanzi to find out more or to get a quote for all your natural stone needs around High Point, Greensboro, and Winston Salem.