Whether you’re throwing a party or a quiet get-together, entertaining guests in your home can feel like a lot of pressure. You want to make sure that everyone is having a good time. To help you master the art of entertaining, we’ve got a few basic tips to get you and your home ready.

Get the drinks and snacks in

Firstly, decide what kind of food and drink you’ll be preparing for the party. Are you going to cook something for your guests or just put out some simple snacks like chips and nuts? Get a range of drinks that will suit everyone. Or, if you don’t want to be responsible for all of this, then let your guests know that they should bring their own drinks for the night. You could also try a pot luck where you ask everyone to bring an item of food.

Create the perfect playlist

Choosing the music for your gathering requires judging what the tone of the evening will be. Do you want some chilled background music or something that people can dance to? You can craft a playlist yourself, handpicking songs that your guests will love. Or, you can choose a ready-made playlist on a service like Spotify to save time.

Prepare your countertop space

You’re likely to need plenty of surfaces to lay out snacks or for people to place their drinks on. Your kitchen countertops and island will be a go-to for this if people end up hanging out in the kitchen. If you have an open kitchen/dining room or kitchen/living room, then this will definitely be the case.

Make sure you have plenty of free countertop space to use when entertaining guests. Clear any clutter out of the way and give your countertops a good clean before guests arrive. If you want people to use coasters on your countertops, to prevent natural stone from staining, then make sure they’re aware of this. It’s a good idea to get your stone countertops resealed to protect them from spills.

Utilize outdoor space

If the weather allows it, then you might want to extend your gathering into the backyard. This creates space for more guests and gives people the choice of environment. If you have an outdoor kitchen or bar area, then you can even prepare food and drinks outside. Make sure you have plenty of seating outdoors as well as indoors if you choose to do this.

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