You want your kitchen to appear light and spacious, which can sometimes be difficult if you have a small kitchen or if not much natural light is allowed into it. In these cases especially, the lighting you choose for your kitchen can be extremely important. So, let’s look at some tips and ideas for your kitchen lighting fixtures.

Ambient lighting

When it comes to the main lighting on your kitchen ceiling, the lights that determine the overall ambiance of the room, there are lots of different styles of fixtures for you to choose between. You may opt for recessed lights, which are built into the ceiling, for a sleek and modern look that’s also ideal for small kitchens since they don’t protrude into the available space. Recessed lights can also be directional, allowing you to control which areas are most illuminated.

Hanging light fixtures are also common and come in a wide variety of styles, such as hanging pendant lights or track lighting, which can add a decorative element to the room as well as providing functional lighting. Different styles of shade on your hanging lights create even more customization options to meet your style.

Task lighting

As well as the main lighting fixture or fixtures in your kitchen, it can be useful to have specific task lighting. This refers to lighting installed over certain areas in your kitchen, such as over the stove or over sections of countertop where you’re likely to prepare food. Task lighting is useful for illuminating areas that your main kitchen lights don’t reach very well, giving you extra visibility for performing certain tasks. They are often installed underneath your upper kitchen cabinets, and strip lights or spotlights are both popular options.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting can be used to highlight certain areas for aesthetic purposes, drawing the eye to the focal pieces of the room, while also impacting the atmosphere of the room. This could be backlighting behind your backsplash, for example, to draw attention to this piece and enhance its look. Both accent and task lighting are typically switched on separately to the room’s main light fixtures, allowing you to control the different levels and types of light that are on at any time.

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