If you live in a family home with an en suite, meaning a separate bathroom attached to the master bedroom, then chances are that the other upstairs bathroom is used mostly by the kids. So, if you’re remodeling this main bathroom, then it makes sense to plan the design specifically with your kids in mind rather than the whole family. If you’re in this position, then read on for some tips for a kids’ bathroom design.

Focus on storage

Kids tend to come with a lot of accessories, and that requires a lot of storage. Shampoos, soaps, and other toiletries, plus medicines, towels, and other must-haves. Cabinets or open shelving in a bathroom vanity underneath the sink is a great way to keep all of these things organized and easily accessible at bath time or when getting ready for bed.

Go for the tub

If your kids will be using the bathroom, then choosing between a bathtub and a shower isn’t really an option. Installing a bathtub is practically a necessity, but having a shower over the tub is convenient for bathing your kids and for if the adults ever need to use this bathroom.

Safety first

Young kids are extremely curious, and this can lead to them getting hurt. Child locks on the toilet lid and the medicine cabinet will help to keep them out of danger, plus anti-scald faucets are recommended to prevent your child from burning themselves on hot water.

Fun patterns and designs

Make the kids’ bathroom feel like exactly that. Fun patterns or colorful designs in the tiles will make the room visually appealing to the kids. Or you can install accessories such as towel rails and soap trays with fun designs or characters on them. Or for something less permanent, the bathmat and shower curtain can reflect the kids’ interests and personalities.

Plan with the future in mind

Your kids won’t stay that age forever, so think about how they’ll be using the bathroom when they reach their teen years. Installing low sinks and toilets can be convenient for kids, for example, but might not be the best option if they’re due a growth spurt in the next couple of years. You can get around this by having a handy step or stool to help them up to the sink, which can be tucked away in the bathroom vanity.

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