You may have the perfect dream kitchen in your mind leading up to a remodel, but there are certain things that could get in the way of that, like not having enough budget or enough space to implement it. Almost all remodels will involve compromise in one way or another, and another factor you might have to consider and compromise around is kids. If you have young kids or if a friend’s or relative’s children spend a lot of time at your house, then this could affect certain elements of your kitchen design.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re designing a new kitchen for a house with kids.

Wall design

It’s no secret that kids can be messy. So, you might want to think about sticky hands or colored crayons on your walls when deciding their color and design. Slightly darker colors can be more forgiving than white or cream, for example, meaning you won’t have to spend as much time scrubbing them. Think as well about which materials and finishes are easy to clean. Wallpaper, for example, may not be a good option.

Ground-level storage

From a young age, your child will be able to reach and grab at anything close to the ground, including your kitchen cabinets. Be wary of your ground-level storage and what you keep in them. Cabinets are a better option than open storage, preventing kids from pulling things out from open shelves. Consider what you store in your low cabinets, ensuring that nothing dangerous is within their grasp.

You can also use this to give the kids some control over certain elements, such as storing their plastic plates and cutlery in a low cabinet, allowing them to pick them out for themselves at mealtimes. A low drawer or cabinet for their snacks can also give them some responsibility of getting their own food when they ask for a snack. If you do keep anything unsafe at a lower level, like cleaning products under the sink, then make sure there are child locks in place.

Kitchen countertop edge profiles

When your kids start walking and running around the house, they’ll reach an age where your countertops are perfectly head height to them. To minimize any injuries, think about your countertop edge profile and how sharp the edges and corners may be. A more rounded edge profile such as a full bullnose or a round edge is much safer for those inevitable bumps and scrapes.

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