Tiled walls are a standard choice in many bathrooms across America, but that doesn’t mean the design and style need to be standard. When it comes to selecting or designing your bathroom tiles, there are lots of different options to create the aesthetic you’re looking for.

Bathroom tile colors

Long gone are the days of pastel-colored everything in home bathrooms. More neutral colors like gray, black, and white have taken center-stage, as well as natural stone colors. Solid-colored tile walls are a popular choice, but you can customize your bathroom design by mixing and matching colors instead.

You could alternate between two colors, whether these are bold and contrasting or similar colors in different shades. You may want to add a splash of color to your bathroom, but feel like it could overwhelm the space. A good choice here is to choose a neutral color for most of the wall and intersperse it with more brightly colored tiles. For example, you could have a single ribbon of purple tiles, for example, going around the room as a way to break up the space and create a kind of border.

Patterned bathroom tiles

The border idea mentioned above could also work well with patterned tiles instead of colored ones. You can display a beautiful and detailed design on your bathroom tiles but, again, this could overwhelm the room and make it look cluttered if used in the entire room. As well as creating a banner or border of patterned tiles, you could intersperse these tiles evenly among the more neutral ones.

Another option is to create a feature wall, which can be done using patterned or colored tiles. One wall could display this bold pattern to break up the more neutral design of the rest of the room, creating a design focal point. Or you could create a backsplash behind your bathroom sink using this principle.

Bathroom tile shapes and sizes

Bathroom tiles don’t have to be a standard shape or size, either. Larger tiles can create a more minimalistic look in your bathroom, which suits modern homes well. You can also experiment with size, opting for long rectangular tiles rather than sticking with square tiles when making them larger.

The benefit of larger tiles is that they are slightly easier to clean and maintain. This is because you will need fewer tiles to fill the space, which means fewer grout lines between tiles.

Whatever style and aesthetic you’re looking for in your bathroom, natural stone tiles make a practical and beautiful choice. Contact Amanzi Granite or visit our Kernersville showroom to see the range of natural stone products we have on offer, including installation services around Kernersville, Winston Salem, Greensboro, and High Point.