Whether you’ve got tiled floors, walls, or countertops, you want to make sure they stay clean and looking nice. To help you achieve this for your kitchen and bathroom tile, we’ve got some tips to follow when taking care of and cleaning your natural stone tiles.

Consider sealing your tiles

Just like sealing countertop slabs can be recommended, you can do the same for your natural stone tiles. Having your tiles sealed helps to protect both the stone and the grout joints in between the tiles. This will make them easier to clean and more resistant to staining.

Wipe down the surface regularly

Just like you would for a natural stone slab countertop, you should wipe down your stone tiles on a regular basis to keep the surface clean. Simply wiping the surface using a soft cloth in warm, soapy water can help to clear up and spills and the bacteria sitting on your worktop. Like with all stone surfaces, avoid using harsh chemical cleaners or any solution that’s overly acidic.

Pay close attention to grout lines

Dirty grout lines can massively detract from the overall look and cleanliness of the room, especially with white grout. If your regular wipe down isn’t doing much to tackle the grime in your grout lines, then a smaller brush can be used to focus on this area. A soft-bristled toothbrush is the ideal tool for this small job. For tougher stains and marks on your grout, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda to tackle the dirt.

Mop your floors regularly

If you have granite tile floors in your home, then it helps to dry mop them every day to keep them in good shape. Make sure you clean up spills as soon as you can and dry the floor properly with a dry cloth. Make sure you don’t scrub hard at messes as this can damage the floor. Always opt for soft cloths, paper towels, or mops to deal with messes on your tile floors.

Use specialized cleaners for tough stains

If you have stains or spills that are tougher to get rid of, then you can buy tile cleaners that are designed to be used on natural stone. This ensures that there are no harmful ingredients in the cleaner that could otherwise damage your tiles.

Get in touch if you need any more tips for cleaning your bathroom or kitchen tile. And if you’re looking for custom tile for your home, then Amanzi Granite can help you through the design and installation process.