Are you looking for a new element to add to your home? One that’s both practical and stylish? Then consider adding a breakfast bar. Whether you’re designing or renovating your home, a breakfast bar could make a great addition to your plans. Read on for some tips, ideas, and advice on adding a breakfast bar. 

Why you should add a breakfast bar

Breakfast bars are stylish additions to your home that serve many purposes. They’re a great place to sit and eat (not just at breakfast time!), whether alone or with someone else. Breakfast bars also provide the perfect surface for serving food. Say you’ve got some friends over and you want to lay out snacks, it makes the ideal buffet counter. 

Or, if you’re cooking a meal for your family, you can lay dishes on the breakfast bar to easily pass them to whoever’s getting the table ready. And after the meal, the dirty dishes can be placed on the breakfast bar so they’re not taking up space in the sink until they’re washed up.

Breakfast bars are also ideal for small kitchens that don’t have much space for a kitchen table or a full island. 

Where to place your breakfast bar

Your breakfast bar could be a freestanding unit or it could be built in as part of a kitchen island. This second option creates the ultimate social and functional space, with a large surface where people can cook, eat, wash dishes, and chat together all around the same space. 

Mostly, breakfast bars are placed in the kitchen, but arguably their best use is for open-plan apartments where the kitchen blends into the living room or dining room. Here a breakfast bar serves well as a partial division between the two.

Breakfast bar countertop materials

You want your breakfast bar to look nice, but you also need to choose materials that will stand the test of time since it might be getting a lot of use. So, the countertop material for your breakfast bar is an important choice. Firstly, you should decide whether you want to match it to the rest of your kitchen countertops or to contrast them.

Natural stone provides the perfect compromise between quality, durability, and aesthetics. A few popular materials to choose for your breakfast bar countertops include quartz, granite, and travertine. These are easy to clean, resistant to heat and scratches, and add an amazing aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.
If a breakfast bar would make the perfect addition to your home, then get in touch with us to help you design your bar and select the best materials for it. We serve customers looking to add natural stone to their homes around Kernersville, Winston Salem, High Point, and Greensboro.