Granite is a tough material, just one of the many reasons why it makes a great choice for your floors, kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, and more. But this doesn’t mean you should start testing its durability by seeing how much heat, pressure, and wear and tear it can take.

You want to keep your granite countertops looking top quality for as long as possible, so it’s important that you treat them right. With this in mind, here are a few things you should avoid doing to your granite countertops.

Putting hot pans directly on your countertops

Your granite countertops come from a highly durable igneous rock, which means they are extremely resistant to high temperatures. But that doesn’t mean the sealant protecting your granite countertops are. Placing a hot pan directly on the surface is likely to damage the sealant, making your countertop more vulnerable. If you do this regularly, it can also lead to discoloration and eventually damage to your granite over time.

Cutting directly on your countertops

The same goes for cutting food on your countertops without a cutting board. Your granite is highly resistant to scratching, but this can lead to increased wear and tear over time. Plus, the granite is tougher than the blade of your knife, so you’ll end up with a dulled blade that won’t be very effective at chopping.

Acidic cleaners or food and drink

Anything acidic can create stains and etches in your granite, particularly if it isn’t sealed properly. The acidity will also damage your seal, gradually working its way through to the granite surface. Make sure you always use non-acidic cleaners or ones designed specifically for use on granite and other types of natural stone. And always be careful around your countertops when using things like vinegar or citrus fruits and their juices. If there are any accidental spillages, then mop them up ASAP.

Climbing on your countertops

If you can’t quite reach the top shelves of your kitchen cabinets, then you might be tempted to just climb up quickly to grab what you need. Or maybe you’ve caught your kids climbing up to reach the snacks. The veins that make your granite so beautiful can be prone to cracking if too much weight is placed on them, so make sure you’re only using your kitchen countertops for what they’re designed for.

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