If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to natural stone countertops, and one that’s still good for the environment, then why not consider recycled glass countertops? This takes recycled shards and chunks of glass and sets them in a resin or a concrete or porcelain mix to create a unique-looking countertop, perfect for your kitchen or bathroom. The manufacturing process is similar to that of engineered quartz countertops.

Most recycled glass countertops are made up of around 80% recycled glass. A less common method is to create a solid surface countertop using recycled glass, rather than the idea of suspending glass chips in a resin. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of choosing recycled glass countertops for your home.

The pros of recycled glass countertops

One of the main reasons why recycled glass countertops are increasing in popularity is because they are eco-friendly. Recycling used glass decreases the amount of waste and puts it to good use. It also creates a great aesthetic, rivaling the style and appearance of natural stone countertops like granite and marble. Recycled glass countertops can be created in practically every color imaginable, and each one is unique.

Recycled glass countertops are also non-porous, meaning you don’t have to worry about stains, although glass countertops set in concrete will still need sealing. These surfaces are very tough and durable, meaning they’re impressively resistant to heat and scratches. And the smooth, non-porous surface is also easy to clean.

The cons of recycled glass countertops

Recycled glass is not a low-cost alternative to natural stone. It is generally a similar price to granite countertops, are can be slightly more expensive. When designing your glass countertops, you may be slightly limited on which edge profiles you can choose. Profiles with a thinner edge come with the risk that the chips of glass are more likely to come loss and break off. This can be repaired, however.

Maintenance and cleaning are generally easy, but concrete areas are susceptible to staining and etching, especially from harsh cleaners and acidic food and drink, so sealing is necessary. Recycled glass can also be harder to source, so it might take you longer to have your countertops designed and installed.

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