Choosing the perfect countertop for your kitchen or bath makeover is often the simplest and most fun part of a renovation project. However, when it comes time for installation, many people are not aware that it can be a multi-day commitment. This process involves making many important decisions which ultimately affect the final outcome. Here are a couple of steps to be aware of to ensure your countertop installation goes smoothly.

After picking out the countertop, you’ll meet with a fabricator to design a template. The fabricator will help you design the layout and ask you several important questions about the countertop layout. First, they will want to know how much overhang you want on the countertops which will affect the overall feel of the design. Then you will need to have an idea of where you want the sink, the choice of fixtures, and other add-ons.

At this point, you should have your appliances installed, so they are included in the measurements. After blocking out the fixtures, the fabricator will make a template out of plywood strips to bring back to the manufacturer. Once the template is at the manufacturer, you can hold it up to your block of stone and move it around to incorporate the most desirable patterns into your countertop.

A few days later, the manufacturer will bring the countertop for final installation. It is essential that all cabinets and appliances are installed and level. The team will place the stone countertop down and perform final checks, adjusting the height if needed. If everything is satisfactory, they will secure the countertop with a waterproof silicone adhesive. They will then install the sink.

Lastly, they line up the seams, smooth them out, and fill them with resin. Twenty-four hours later, the appliances should be re-connected and faucets installed. To install the backsplash, a manufacturer will return, usually in about a week.  Knowing the steps of the countertop installation process will allow the process to run smoothly and allow you to enjoy your new countertops as quickly as possible.