These days, everyone is looking for a bit of an escape, whether it’s a great deal on a weekend getaway or a way to find some peace and calm during the chaotic run around of daily life. Escaping for a few days can help, but creating a place to unwind in the comfort of your own backyard can provide beauty for your home and a place for peaceful reflection for your sanity. Water features are the perfect solution for those who want a bit of calm and a way to beautify their back yard.

When it comes to back yard water features, most people’s imaginations immediately conjure up pictures of scenic ponds, lined with natural stone or natural stone tiles, lush plant life and, of course, the crickets and ladybugs which call these areas home.

Ponds are one of the most popular outdoor water features, but they require a great deal of maintenance throughout the year. The pond water itself must be maintained through the use of aquatic plants for homeowners reluctant to use chemicals and nearby vegetation must be controlled so that it doesn’t affect the cleanliness of the pond. Insect control around ponds can be an issue as well. While crickets and ladybugs may be welcome, mosquitoes can become an issue.  This extra work means that many times, families realize too late that a pond may offer the view they want, but the work simply makes it not worthwhile.

Smaller water features, such as a reflective pool or fountain can also be made from natural stone or natural stone tiles. These can offer many of the same benefits of a pond, but without as much cleaning, maintenance, and insect control required. Larger fountains can stand alone while smaller models can be used as a centerpiece in a flower garden or as part of a Zen Garden, complimented by other small stone pathways and raised garden beds. Reflective pools are smaller than ponds and contained in a basin but these still need to be cleaned and occasionally drained. This can be done in the late fall so that the pool is essentially put away over the winter.

Finally, waterfalls can be a stunning addition to any home. A back yard waterfall can be installed in almost any back yard, but prices can soar if a lot of landscaping or construction is required. The payoff, however, may well be worth it. Even a small waterfall has a huge impact on the look and feel of a backyard and will instantly become the focal point when entertaining outside.

Creating a water feature using natural stone or natural stone tiles offers a number of benefits for a home. Water features instantly beautify any area and they also provide a space for families and friends to gather together or alone for a moment of peace, solitude, and personal reflection. Take the time to decide how much maintenance you’re willing to do and what you want the look of your garden to be in order to find the perfect water feature.