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Going Green with Natural Stone

amanzi natural stone wallsAs consumers continually become more conscious of their environmental impact, the importance and relativity of green building increases. Synthetic materials may seem cheaper when you’re considering home renovation on a budget, but you should splurge on genuine stone. It’s an investment that will pay off.

You will actually save money over time on repair and maintenance costs. Using natural stones in your home is not bad for the indoor air quality since the rocks do not emit Volatile Organic Compounds, unlike many man-made substitutes.

The difference in appearance and durability is astounding. Natural stone is real, so it looks real. It’s available in tons of finishes, both textured and smooth. Genuine stones do not fade in the sunlight nor do they show scratches and other damages.

According to The Stone Council, the United States is one of the chief producers of dimension stone in the world. Each quarry is unique and able to offer a range of exclusive natural products varying in dimension, color, and structural design. The varieties of natural stones allow a perfect fit and easy adaptation for every project.

Limestone and sandstone installations can last a lifetime. When marble or granite is used on counter tops and exterior applications, they too can last a lifetime.

Genuine stone not only works great in large construction projects, but also during in-home renovations. The longevity and durability of natural rock, not to mention its sheer beauty, make it far superior to any man-made rendition. So, using natural stones is a great way to participate in this socially and environmentally responsible construction effort.


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