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New Design Trends in Outdoor Fire Features

Outdoor fireplaces are a popular trend in landscaping that is continuing to grow. Regardless of the weather, an outdoor fireplace is a great place to gather around with friends and family.  If you are landscaping your backyard for the first time or doing some remodeling and want to add a fire element, here are a couple of trends in outdoor fire features using natural stone.

Create a Room
A natural stone fireplace creates a focal point that you can design an entire outdoor “room” around.  Using this centerpiece, you can turn the area into a cozy living area by adding couches, a coffee table, or any other furniture to your liking. Add a dining table and chairs to create fireside al fresco dining.

Try to Use Local Resources
When building your fireplace, attempt to incorporate local natural stone whenever possible. Using these resources can make your fireplace seem like its natural fit. When you use stone that’s found in your surroundings, it can appear as if your backyard is a natural extension of the environment.

Play with Texture
You can use the fireplace to add different textures to your backyard. If you have a pre-existing deck, consider building the fire structure on it and use benches to frame in the seating area. The rough surfaces of the stone will play well off of the smooth wood. If the fireplace is placed against a wall, try using a wooden mantle to get the same effect.

Add Contrasting Elements
Another way to play with texture is to build the fireplace by a water structure, such as a pool, pond or a fountain. The fire and water elements will complement each other and add a romantic flair to the backyard. If you build the fireplace by a pool, you will have the bonus of being able to use the pool when the weather starts to cool off, using the fireplace for extra warmth.

Incorporating the newest trends in outdoor fire elements will allow you to get creative with your fireplace design and allow you to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.

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