Here are some of the current trends in natural stone design: three-dimensional mosaics, plank tiles, and geometric patterns. Over the past decade, the size of interior tiles has been increasing. Tiles are starting to elongate into planks and are being used for a multitude of purposes. Tile planks have been classically used in the bathroom for shower tiles.

Now, planks are being used on the floor to re-create the appearance of the natural grains found in wood, while maintaining the durability of the tile. This trend is being used in other rooms as well. The kitchen is quickly becoming a hotspot for plank tile for all designs and colors. The warmth of the tile can compliment any color wooden cabinet. Recently, slate has gotten the plank treatment and is being used in hallways and staircases.

Geometric patterns have been a growing trend for the past several years. And tiles have gotten bigger and bolder. Out of all of the shapes, hexagons are continuing to be the most popular choice, both on the wall and on the floor. The patterns are becoming bolder, using polychromatic designs as well as natural formations that show off the stone’s natural veins. This hexagon can work in different rooms inside the house. This pattern is also a good option for entryways and foyers.

Three-dimensional mosaics using natural stone are also very popular. The third dimension adds depth and texture to the designs while still highlighting the natural beauty of the stone. They are great as part of an outdoor fireplace configuration, or added texture to an outdoor accent wall. When used for interior designs, the mosaics add detail to a kitchen backsplash. What sets the tile’s design apart is that it gives someone the ability to touch and immerse themselves in the design element. The mosaics also work beautifully with wood and other stone textures.

All these trends highlight the natural beauty of stone while being applied to different rooms. Also, they compliment different building materials in various design styles. Look for these trends to continue to be popular.