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When it comes to natural stone, tile backsplash can be a great alternative as they are more affordable. For most, it’s about weighing up cost vs. aesthetics and deciding where their priorities lie.  

But it doesn’t have to be. Tile backsplash can be stylish and look great in your kitchen or bathroom. Here are some ideas for tile backsplash that you’ll love to show off.

Large tiles

If it’s the seams and grout lines that offend you, then make them fewer and further between with larger tiles. You can choose any shape and size for your tiles, and large, square tiles can create a minimalistic look compared with smaller, more detailed tiling. Long, rectangular stone tiles can also create an interesting look that works great with granite tile.

Blended floor and countertop tiles

A lot of kitchens and bathrooms have tile floors, whether they’re natural stone, ceramic, or another material. One design idea is to blend this tiled floor with the tiles on your backsplash. 

Mosaic tiles

If you like small detail in your home design, then mosaic tiles could be for you. Mosaic tile backsplash tend to be more popular in bathrooms than in kitchens. You can mix and match a variety of colors to create the effect and style you’re looking for.  

Hexagonal tiles

If regular square tiles bore you, then mix it up a bit with hexagonal tiles, or whatever shape you choose. These add some more visual interest to your backsplash and will make them more unique compared to traditional square tiles.  

Varying tile shapes

Make your backsplash a little more dynamic with varying tile shapes and sizes. For example, you could have large diamond tiles with smaller square tiles in between the points of the diamond. Or you could include decorative tiles as accents to the plain tiles surrounding them. Get creative and think about which types of tiles go well with each other.

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