While travertine may not be the go-to countertop material for homeowners, it is rising in popularity. This natural stone is closely related to limestone and has a similar aesthetic to marble, but typically at around half the price of it. So, there’s no wonder it’s becoming so popular for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and other aspects of home design.

If you’re considering travertine countertops for your home, here are some design ideas to help you out.

Color variations

Like other natural stones, travertine comes in a variety of different hues and colors. This allows you to choose a color that will suit the style of your home and the room you’re placing the travertine in. Common colors include cream, beige, ivory, chocolate, gray, silver, and gold.

Which edge to choose

Like with any natural stone countertop, you also need to choose the edge profile for your travertine countertops. This can make a big difference to the style of your countertops. The simplest option is a square edge, where the countertops are finished at flat, right angles. If you’re looking to smooth the edges of your countertops, then a bullnose countertop is another popular edge profile that’s not too complicated or intricate.

Or, if you’re looking for a little more flair and a more traditional style for your kitchen, then you could try an ogee countertop. This features a curved step down into a smooth, curved edge. Or go for a double ogee to add a second step down, which can be a good way to accentuate a focal point like a kitchen island. Try out our countertop edge visualizer to help you choose the perfect edge for your countertops.

Finishing travertine countertops

There are a variety of finishes you can apply to your travertine slab that can make a big impact on its appearance. Travertine typically comes with many pits and holes, so you first have the choice of whether to fill these in or leave them as they are. Unfilled travertine can produce a more natural, rustic appeal, while filled stone creates a smoother finish.

You can then choose from a number of finishes. A polished finish, for example, leaves a glossy shine to the surface, while a tumbled finish creates more of a natural, worn effect. You should choose a honed finish if you’re looking for the smoothness of polished travertine without the shine, as it produces more of a matte finish.

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