Choosing your bathroom floor isn’t just about what looks good. It also needs to be able to withstand daily footfall as well as moisture and humidity. The high levels of moisture, in particular, rule out some flooring options such as carpet and solid wood flooring, as carpet will be prone to mold and mildew and moisture can cause wooden planks to warp.

So, you need a durable and moisture-resistant floor that’s comfortable underfoot and also looks great in your bathroom. Read on for some of the best options to consider…

Porcelain and ceramic tile

Porcelain and ceramic tile floors are extremely popular in bathrooms. They are completely waterproof and also easy to clean, a big plus for bathroom floors. The main downside people report about ceramic and porcelain tile is that they can feel cold and hard underfoot, so they’re not always the most comfortable option.

These tiles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, so you can design your floors to suit your tastes. Be careful when choosing the finish, though, as glossy tiles will become slippery when wet, making slips and falls more likely. Opt for a textured finish that will provide some grip underfoot.


Vinyl flooring is a little softer and more comfortable underfoot compared to ceramic and porcelain. It is extremely waterproof and durable, and also comes in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. You have the choice of tile, plank, or sheet vinyl. The main difference, other than appearance, is that vinyl plank and tile have seams, making them slightly less water-resistant than sheet vinyl.

Engineered wood

If you still want the wood look in your bathroom, then engineered wood flooring is a much better option compared to solid wood. Engineered wood consists of a real hardwood veneer attached to a plywood base, and this plywood is much more moisture-resistant than solid hardwood. However, it is still not waterproof so can be susceptible to water damage if not cared for properly. Engineered wood flooring might be a better option for half-baths where less moisture is created.

Natural stone tiles

Natural stone is an extremely durable flooring option for any room in the house. It is aesthetically pleasing and can add to the resale value of your home. Some types of natural stone are porous, so it’s important to do your research to choose the best type and have it sealed if necessary. Like ceramic tile, it’s advisable to choose a textured finish to ensure that your natural stone floors aren’t too slippery.

Marble and granite tiles are both ideal for bathrooms, although they should be sealed to protect them from moisture damage. Limestone and travertine tiles are other options you could consider for your bathroom flooring.

If you’ve chosen natural stone for your bathroom floor, then contact Amanzi Granite to find the right stone for your home and for installation around High Point, Greensboro, Winston Salem, and Kernersville.