Color plays a big part in forming the look and feel of a room. So, choosing the right colors when remodeling your home is an important decision. Most design trends these days tend toward neutral colors for a more minimalist look. Black and white are extremely popular as prominent colors in modern kitchens. Other neutral colors such as shades of gray, beige, and cream may also be used.

But what if you find this neutral look to be too boring? You may prefer a more colorful design but you still want the space to look tasteful. When bright colors or patterns are used prominently in design, the end result can be a little overwhelming or cluttered. A great compromise is to choose a mostly neutral palette with splashes of color to add eye-catching variety without overwhelming the space.

Here are some ways to achieve this in your kitchen…


A kitchen’s backsplash is typically a small area above the countertops that protects the wall from splashes of food from the stovetop or water from the sink, for example. This is the perfect place to get creative and inject some color into your kitchen. Solid-colored backsplashes are particularly popular. So, if your kitchen is mostly made up of a combination of white, black, or gray, then a bright purple, blue, or red backsplash could contrast this and add visual interest to the room.

Feature walls

A brightly-colored feature wall follows a similar principle to a backsplash. You could use the space between your kitchen countertops and upper cabinets to create a feature wall, or go bigger and use the entire space of a wall where there are no appliances or fixtures. This would be a focal point of the room where the eye is drawn to, so consider this when designing the rest of the room. Competing focal points can confuse the design and make it look cluttered.


For smaller, more subtle touches of color, brightly-colored kitchen accessories can contrast and complement the neutral tones of a modern, minimalist kitchen. Coordinating your toaster, kettle, and any other small appliances on your countertops is a good example of this. You might also buy utensils that match colors.

Natural stone countertops

Natural stone countertops are available in a variety of colors. While many of these are neutral, you can also find more bright and vibrant shades of granite and other types of natural stone, such as greens and blues. Others are predominantly neutral, black for example, with natural flecks of color in them. This subtle addition of color to your kitchen countertops is perfect for matching with your accessories or backsplash to unify the design of your kitchen.

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