Granite, marble, and other natural stone surfaces are an elegant way to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home, whether you’re looking for kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, or stone floors for an outdoor patio. But natural stone isn’t just ideal for your home, but also for businesses looking to boost their curb appeal or give a more professional image, while also making a sustainable choice in materials.

At Amanzi Granite, we provide high-quality natural stone and professional installation and other services for commercial interiors and exteriors. Read on for some of the best ways you could use natural stone in your business.

Hotel lobbies

Think of that feeling of luxury you get when you step into a hotel lobby adorned with marble columns and polished stone floors. Natural stone can really elevate the aesthetics of your hotel, including smaller accents around the building and even in the rooms as well as larger pieces like stone floors and counters. Lobbies of office buildings, events spaces, and other commercial buildings can also utilize natural stone well.


Natural stone countertops and bar tops can go great in a range of settings that serve food and drink. And they can fit in with a wide range of styles – they’re not just for the luxurious commercial settings. Natural stone floors can also be a good choice for these types of businesses as they can withstand a lot of foot traffic and can be textured to provide a non-slippery floor.

Outdoor signs

If you have a large outdoor sign that welcomes people to your venue/business or directs people where to go, then it needs to be a material that can withstand a variety of weather conditions over time. Natural stone is a tough and durable option that also produces a great aesthetic to present your business in a good light.

Commercial landscaping

For commercial spaces and businesses with gardens or grounds, natural stone can be used as landscaping accents in a number of ways. Stone paths, water features, walls, stepping stones, outdoor seating, and various decorative options are just a few of the ways natural stone can lift the aesthetics of your outdoor commercial space.

Our services include cleaning, sealing, polishing, and honing your natural stone to keep everything looking in good condition and lasting for as long as possible. To find out more about our commercial services or to get a quote for your business, contact Amanzi Granite for expert services around Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville.