A good-quality countertop is a sustainable choice for your home because it will last a long time without needing replacing. This means that fewer materials and resources are needed to keep your home exactly how you like it. But when it comes to choosing new kitchen or bathroom countertops, does the material you choose make a difference when it comes to eco-friendliness and sustainability?

Let’s look at some of the most sustainable materials you can choose for your new countertops.

Natural stone

It’s right there in the name – natural stone is a natural material, making it a good, eco-friendly choice. There are plenty of sources of natural stone including granite, marble, and limestone for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Natural stone countertops are also incredibly sustainable due to their durability, meaning they don’t have to be replaced often.

Engineered stone

Although slightly less natural and eco-friendly than marble and granite countertops, engineered stone materials like quartz countertops are still a sustainable choice. They are made up of more than 90% of natural quartz stone, making them mostly natural, while the rest is made up of resins and pigments to color the stone. And they’re just as durable as natural stone countertops, making them another long-lasting, sustainable option.

Recycled countertops

Pretty much any countertop made from recycled materials can be considered sustainable and eco-friendly because it reduces the amount of waste material on our planet. Recycled glass countertops are especially rising in popularity as a “green” choice for kitchen countertops. You can also recycle natural stone or use remnants to make your countertops more eco-friendly. And while plastic isn’t generally an eco-friendly choice, using recycled plastic can make it a greener option.


Wood is also a natural material that can be used for your kitchen countertops, but there’s one type of wood that beats the rest on sustainability – bamboo. Since bamboo is harvested from a type of grass rather than a tree, it grows back much more quickly. Bamboo butcher block countertops are a stylish and sustainable choice.

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