If you’re planning a bathroom remodel in the new year, then the shower is an important part of that. If you’re one to keep up with the latest trends in home design, then we’ve got some interesting ones you’ll want to incorporate into your shower design. 

Natural stone tiles

This isn’t new but it’s a trend that’s certainly growing in popularity, for the shower floor as well as wall tiles. Marble and granite tiles are more commonly being installed in the flooring of walk-in showers. They often provide a more luxurious, spa-like look and feel to your shower. Walk-in and open showers are also great for creating a seamless appearance between your bathroom and shower floor, making the space look larger and removing any accessibility difficulties with getting in and out of the shower. 

Full slabs

Not only are people moving more towards natural stone tiles, but they’re also changing the look of those tiles. Again, it’s all about becoming more seamless. With this in mind, homeowners are opting more for large tiles and full slabs rather than lots of smaller tiles. A smaller number of large tiles means fewer gaps and less grouting in between tiles, helping to create that seamless look and also making cleaning your shower tiles even easier. 

Invisible drains

Now shower drains are even blending in with the tiles around them. The drain is often a part of the shower that detracts from the overall design, but not anymore. You can use a natural stone inlay for your drain so that it blends in with the rest of the floor, and the drain around it is barely visible, so the water seems to just disappear right into the ground beneath you. There’s no more breaking up the aesthetics of your shower floor with an out of place metal drain.

Smart showers

While not exactly related to design, we just had to include this one because of how cool it is. Following the lead of smart toilets made famous in Japan, showers are starting to adopt smart technology, too. Digital and smart showers let you set the water temperature exactly rather than spending ages finding the perfect spot. They can allow you to switch on your shower and set the temperature via remote control, so you don’t have to get a wet arm switching it on or stand under cold water waiting for it to heat up. These and other features are attracting more people to the idea of smart tech in their bathroom.

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