People will naturally try to save money when they are undergoing home renovations. So, you might think that the most popular countertop materials would be affordable options like laminate and ceramic tile. However, it seems like countertops are one area where homeowners are happy to spend more for better quality and more natural products.

Natural stone countertops are a solid choice for their style, durability, and diversity. But there seems to be one overall winner that slightly edges out the competition – granite!

What makes granite the nation’s favorite countertop?

There are so many great choices when it comes to natural stone countertops, so what is it that makes granite the pervasive favorite? Here are a few reasons why homeowners continue to choose granite in their home…

It gives you a unique countertop

Like most types of natural stone, each slab of granite is completely different from the next, with slightly different hues, patterns, and grains. Granite is one of the most varied in its appearance, offering many more natural colors compared to other popular materials, like marble. You can find white granite, black, blue, grey, green, red, and more. In fact, The Spruce states that are almost 3,000 different colors and types of granite available.

It is all natural

Another popular countertop material is quartz. It imitates the appearance of natural stone but is slightly more affordable since it is manmade. Despite its appearance and lower price, more people are choosing granite over quartz these days due to environmental concerns. While we’re all trying to do what we can to be more environmentally-friendly, granite is the easy choice because it is completely natural, whereas quartz uses resins, chemicals, and dyes to finish its appearance.

It’s extremely durable

The main reason homeowners are willing to overlook the potentially high price of granite countertops is that they are so durable. This makes them a great investment because they will last a long time in great condition in your home. You can enjoy your granite countertops for years to come and then still benefit from their resale value if you choose to sell in 5 or 10 years, for example. Granite countertops are impressively resistant to heat and scratches, and resistant to stains if your countertops are properly sealed.

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