Kitchen or bathroom countertops can be big investments, and they’re a major pride point of many homes. With these facts in mind, it’s important that you know how to take care of your countertops properly. Poorly maintained countertops will lose their shine sooner than you’d like and will probably need replacing sooner, as well.

To help you keep your countertops in great shape, here are some tips for caring for different types of stone countertops.


Granite is an extremely popular material for kitchen countertops. The first tip you’ll hear most often is to seal your granite countertops. This makes it less porous and, therefore, more resistant to stains caused by spills. Avoid using harsh chemicals on granite as this will weaken the seal. Regular dish soap (non-acidic) and warm water is absolutely fine for cleaning granite, but there are also specialized granite cleaners you can use. Wiping your surfaces down regularly, even just with warm water and a soft cloth, will help it to keep its shine and avoid stains. Make sure to clean up any spills as soon as possible to avoid staining.


Marble is even more porous than granite, so it takes a little more care and maintenance. Sealing is, again, recommended in order to avoid stains and etches in your marble. Keep acidic food and liquid away from it as much as possible and tend to spills straight away if there are any accidents. Like granite, you can use a mild, neutral dish soap on marble countertops or opt for a cleaner designed for marble. Make sure you rinse and dry the countertops thoroughly to avoid build-up of the products you use on them.


Quartz is a little lower maintenance because it is man-made rather than completely natural. This means it is still tough and durable but is also less porous than granite and marble, so it typically does not need sealing. It is still important to wipe down and clean your countertops regularly to avoid stains, and keep harsh substances away from it, such as acidic cleaners. Soapy water or a natural stone cleaner can again be used here. Degreasers are good for tougher spills and stains on quartz as long as they do not contain bleach.

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