Stone countertops are highly customizable, meaning you can have something in your kitchen or bathroom that’s made exactly how you want it. There’s different types of stone, different colors, patterns, and textures for each stone, and the icing on the cake? Your countertop edge profile. This small detail can make a huge difference to the style of your countertop, so it’s a decision you should consider carefully.

How to choose an edge for your countertop

The best way to choose your perfect countertop edge is to see what it will actually look like. You can either visit a nearby showroom to see examples of different edge profiles or use an online tool such as our Countertop Edge Visualizer. Seeing different edge options with the stone you have chosen will help you decide which will suit your space best.

Different edge options

Here are some of the most popular and common edge profiles you could choose for your stone countertops.


A squared edge is the most basic profile you can go for. It is flat and squared off like a standard slab. This is a good option if you don’t want to draw too much attention to your countertop edges. If you have other focal points in your kitchen, then the basic, modern-looking edge is a good choice.


Eased edges are similar to squared ones, except their corners and edges are slightly rounded off. Like squared edges, this is a fairly unassuming edge profile that won’t immediately draw the eye, but with the added advantage of extra safety. The rounded edges and corners mean fewer sharp and harsh points for children to potentially bump into.


For an edge with a bit more detail than your standard square and eased edges, the bevel drops down at an angle from the top edge and then squares off for the remainder. You can get variations such as the ¼ bevel or ½ bevel, which determines how much of the edge is sloped. This design looks great in modern kitchens and adds a bit more flair to your countertops.


Full bullnose edges are completely rounded off, leaving no straight edges or sharp corners. This can be a great choice for households with small children, and it can also give your countertops a sleeker look. It is well suited to traditional kitchens. You can also opt for a half bullnose which is rounded but comes to a straight edge at the base.


Another traditional-looking edge is the Ogee, which slopes down into a concave edge. This edge has a touch more flair than the others listed here, so it’s a good choice if you want to draw attention to your countertop edges. As it is more detailed, the Ogee edge is also a bit pricier than the others.

So, depending on the style of your kitchen and your own design preferences, you can choose from these and many more edge profiles. Visit our showroom or contact us online for more tips on choosing the right edge for your countertops.