There are a lot of things to consider when remodeling your kitchen, from design to installation to those finishing touches. If you’re planning a big kitchen remodel, then here are some important dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Do…make a budget

When you start planning your kitchen remodel, make sure you have a good idea of how much you can spend on it, and then try to stick to this as you work through. It’s easy to go a little over here and there, but this can soon add up to be a lot over budget. If you’re working with a designer or contractor, then make sure they’re aware of your budget.

Don’t…overcrowd the space

Don’t try to do too much in your kitchen, or else it could become overcrowded either functionally or visually. You might end up with narrow pathways that are difficult or uncomfortable to navigate, or the space might look cluttered in terms of the design if you try to add too many colors or design elements. Remember that less can often be more when it comes to design.

Do…consider clearance space

You’ve designed and installed a kitchen that looks amazing, but then you go to open the kitchen door or a cabinet door and realize that it gets in the way of something else. Maybe your kitchen door clashes with the kitchen island or a certain drawer can’t open when the oven is closed because the handle is in the way. Make sure you consider the clearance space of all doors and appliances when designing your kitchen.

Don’t…underestimate countertop space

If you have to sacrifice something to create more space in your kitchen, then we’d recommend that it not be countertop space. It’s easy to underestimate how much space you need in your kitchen, but you’ll soon notice if you don’t have enough. Think about the different things you’ll need counter space for, including storing dirty dishes before they’re washed, preparing food, and space for any countertop appliances.

Do…let light in

If you’re working with a small space, then letting plenty of natural light in can have a big impact. More natural light will help to give the impression of more space. Add a large window or a couple of windows and consider which side of your house the sun shines on at different times of the day. Painting the walls a light color can also help.

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