Your kitchen countertops are bound to experience some wear and tear over the years. But some proper care and precaution as well as investing in high-quality materials can help to prevent issues like chips and cracks. In this blog, we’ll look at some tips to help you keep your countertops in good condition and stop them from getting chipped.

The toughest kitchen countertop materials

It can be tempting to save money on your kitchen countertops by choosing a cheaper, lower-quality material. However, investing more money in your countertops can help you save on the costs of repair and replacement over time, giving you great-looking countertops for longer.

Natural stone countertops, for example, are much tougher and more durable than cheaper options like laminate, meaning they will take a lot of force to chip them. Granite and quartz are good examples of tough countertops that will be relatively resistant to chips and other damage. Wood countertops, such as butcher block, can be softer in comparison, making something like a dropped plate more likely to cause damage.

Taking care around your countertops

Granite and other stone countertops aren’t completely resistant to damage, but there are some ways you can keep them protected. Chips around the edge of your counters are the most common issue when it comes to damaged worktops. Be especially careful with heavy objects like pots and pans around your kitchen countertops. Place them down carefully and avoiding placing hot objects on the surface, as this can weaken the stone over time.

Avoid sliding heavy objects off the surface of your countertops as these might catch the edges. You also shouldn’t chop food directly on your countertops. While your granite countertops are likely tougher than your knives, this is still likely to cause scratches and damage over time.

Should you seal your kitchen countertops?

Sealing your granite countertops can help to keep them protected against chips and scratches. You should also have your countertops resealed on a regular basis, such as once a year, to keep them in good shape. Whether you’re sealing your countertops or simply cleaning them, make sure that you always use products that are suited to the type of stone, otherwise they could damage or weaken the surface.

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