A kitchen island is an extremely versatile space that can also provide a nice focal point for the design of your kitchen.

The size of your island

The first consideration when adding an island to your kitchen is whether or not you have enough space. Installing an island in a small kitchen can leave you very little space in which to move around. Measure your floor to make sure a kitchen island would fit and to determine the dimensions you want for your island.

Under island storage

Your island can also help save space in your kitchen by incorporating storage under the island counter. It’s the perfect place for drawers, cabinets, or open storage. Alternatively, you might want to install kitchen appliances like a small refrigerator or an oven underneath your island. If you’d prefer to have an open space under your island, then make sure the rest of your kitchen provides sufficient storage space.

Countertop materials

Next up is the surface of your kitchen island. It is best to match your kitchen island countertop with the counters in the rest of your kitchen to create a uniformity across the room. This will make sure your island looks like a natural extension of your kitchen. Choose the same material and try to match the tones and patterns, although natural stone tends to be slightly different with each slab.

Edge profile

With the edge profile of your island, you might choose to match it with your countertops. Modern kitchens tend to look best with minimalist edges like a square or beveled edge. Or you could create a contrast between your island and the rest of the room. Where an intricate edge might look over-the-top when applied to the entire kitchen, it can serve to draw the eye to your kitchen island as the focal point of the room. A waterfall edge can also suit kitchen islands perfectly.

Kitchen island accessories

Think about what you’ll be using your kitchen island for. If you need extra space for cooking and preparing food, then you might want to install a stovetop in your island or a kitchen sink and draining area. If you go in this direction, then it’s a good idea to split the island in half, with half used for appliances like these and the other half as open space for sitting and eating at. For this purpose, bar stools or other high chairs are essential to provide seating for you and your guests.

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