How do you choose a countertop edge when there are so many different options? They all bring a different character to the room and to your countertops, so it’s important that you choose carefully. Rather than going through each edge profile individually, we’re going to start by helping you decide between an edge with a simple design and one with a more detailed and intricate profile.

Simple edge profiles

Simple edge profiles for countertops are those that don’t feature a lot of detail. They might be flat like a square edge or feature a single change in shape such as the bevel or a half bullnose countertop edge. Or they could be rounded as with the full bullnose or double bevel.

Simple edges are more commonly seen in modern kitchens as they produce a more minimalistic look. They pair well with minimalist, monochromatic kitchens. These types of edges aren’t designed to steal the show. While your kitchen countertops will look great, you don’t always want them to be the first element that catches the eye. If you want something other than your countertops to be the main focus of the room, then simple edges are a good choice.

Detailed edge profiles

The more detailed edge profiles are a bit more complex and intricate in appearance. They may feature multiple steps or changes in height and direction. These include edge profiles like the Dupont or Ogee countertop edge. There are also increasingly intricate variations like the double Ogee or triple pencil edge.

Unlike simple edges, these more detailed edges really draw focus. They are perfect if you want your countertops to be the focal point. If you use intricate edges, you should try to pare back on other elements that draw focus, as the room can end up looking too busy and visually unappealing. These types of edges give more of a traditional and sophisticated appearance compared to simple edges.

If you have a focal point like an island in the center of the room, then you might choose a more intricate edge for the island, like an Ogee countertop, while the surrounding countertops retain a simpler finish like a square or bullnose edge. This creates a good balance, ensuring the island is a focal point without having too much going on visually.

Come into our Kernersville showroom to see samples of different edges. This will help you visualize how each edge profile will look on your kitchen or bathroom countertops. You can also try our countertop edge visualizer tool to get a preview online. Get in touch if you have more questions or if you’re looking for natural stone countertops around Kernersville, Winston Salem, Greensboro, and High Point.