Having an outdoor bar, kitchen, or seating area in your backyard provides a great option for relaxing or entertaining in the summer. But it doesn’t just have to be for fair weather use. With the right design and materials, your outdoor entertainment space can be suitable for year-round use.


A shelter is a sensible addition to your outdoor space, even for the summer months when an unexpected shower could otherwise ruin your fun. There are lots of different options when it comes to shelter for your backyard, from temporary options to full structures.

Temporary canopies, shades, tents, or even umbrellas can be erected to provide shelter when it starts to rain. If your outdoor space is directly outside your house, then you could attach an awning to your home to provide shelter. Or you could build a complete shelter or roof over your space for a more permanent solution.

Here are some ideas to inspire you for your outdoor bar or kitchen.


Enjoy the outdoors during the cooler months and late into the evening during the summer by adding some warmth to your backyard. A patio heater can be affixed to a wall, fence, or other structure to provide some heat in your backyard. If you’re heating a large space, then installing a couple of patio heaters could keep you cozy outside all year round.


Outdoor lights will also make it easier to use your outdoor space whenever you want. Many people have outdoor lights attached to the back of their home, which may be sufficient depending on where your outdoor bar or kitchen is located. But if this doesn’t suit, then it’s better to install lighting in or around your outdoor space.

Path lights can light the area from the ground, or you could attach lighting around your shelter or the fence surrounding the area. If your space is on decking, you could also build lights into the deck.

Choosing the right materials

When choosing the materials for your outdoor kitchen or bar, it’s important to choose ones that are non-porous and weather-resistant. These types of materials will stand the test of time and remain in good condition. Lots of natural stone types are ideal for outdoor use, particularly if they have been sealed.

Granite countertops are especially good for outdoor bars and kitchens. This article gives you some more ideas on which materials to choose and which to avoid for the outdoors. Contact Amanzi Granite if you’re looking for a natural stone countertop for your outdoor space in High Point, Greensboro, and Winston Salem.