If you’re looking for something a little different from your kitchen remodel, then an industrial style kitchen could be a great option for you. Exposed pipes, wooden beams, metallic finishes, and other unique features can make for an attractive and interesting industrial space. If you’re considering this style for your kitchen, then read on for some tips and ideas to help inspire you.

High ceiling

Think of a large, airy factory space when planning the design and layout of your industrial kitchen. Lots of open space, so it suits rooms with high ceilings. Open ceilings and exposed beams are often incorporated to increase the height of the room, or at least the appearance of it.

Exposed elements

Speaking of exposed beams, the idea of having exposed elements is popular across the industrial style. It isn’t a priority to neatly hide away infrastructure such as pipes and cables. In fact, exposed metal pipes (particularly copper) lend extremely well to the aesthetic of the industrial style. Along the same lines, open shelving and storage are often used instead of closed cabinets. Exposed brickwork is another popular feature.

Industrial color schemes

The bright colors of copper pipes are typically offset by more muted and darker shades when it comes to the color palette of an industrial kitchen. Gray and black elements can be contrasted by soft neutral colors, with the monochrome effect being popular in this style. If you’re looking for more color, then darker shades of green and blue are a good choice. And add splashes of color with your kitchen appliances, such as bright kettles and toasters with a metallic finish.

Choosing your countertops

Stainless steel and other types of metal countertops are popular for industrial style kitchens, but a variety of natural stone countertops also work well in this environment. The industrial style commonly pairs manufactured materials like metal with natural materials such as brick, wood, and stone.

Granite and manmade quartz countertops are both good choices to complement the aesthetic of an industrial kitchen, particularly those without a polished finish. Unfinished stone countertops can add a rough and rugged appeal to your industrial kitchen, and reclaimed stone or granite remnants are another great choice as vintage elements are also popular.

For stylish and high-quality natural stone countertops to add to your industrial style kitchen, contact Amanzi Granite or visit us in our Kernersville showroom to see our stone up close.