When it comes to home renovations, most people will take as many cost savings as they can, as long as they don’t have to compromise too much on quality. For stone countertops, walls, or even floors, remnants are one way you can cut your budget down. If you’re not too familiar with stone remnants and how you can use them, then read on.

What are remnants?

Simply put, remnants are smaller pieces of natural stone such as granite or marble. When large slabs of these stones are cut to order, to fit a kitchen countertop, for example, it will have pieces left over that won’t be needed for that countertop. These remnants will likely be kept by the supplier after they cut the stone for their customer, and can then be sold onto to other buyers for lower costs compared to full slabs or even tiles.

The benefits of buying remnants

The main benefit of buying stone remnants is the cost savings. Since remnants are essentially broken or leftover pieces of natural stone, they tend to be sold at much less money per square foot compared to complete slabs. You can also save money by buying less stone in total.

You can also benefit from less waste, especially if you are performing a small job. For example, if you’re using a different type or color of stone for your backsplash as you are for your countertops, then you’re going to need much less material for that area. There’s no point in buying a 50-square foot slab of granite if you only need to use 20 square foot. You’ll just be left with remnants of your own that might go to waste if you don’t have another use for them. Better to find smaller remnants that are better suited in size to the area you need them for.

The best way to choose and use remnants

Natural stone suppliers, fabricators, and even slab yards may have a range of remnants for you to choose from. Showrooms may even have them on display for you to browse through. Remnants will range in size, material, and veining, offering a wide variety of choice. If you are working on small projects, then using remnants is the perfect solution. Here are a few places in your home that could be completed with remnants:

  • Backsplash
  • Outdoor paths
  • Cooking/baking preparation area
  • Bathroom “tile rugs”
  • Bathroom vanity
  • Feature walls

The sky’s your limit, and you can even use stone remnants on larger areas if cost savings are your main priority. If you’re looking for natural stone remnants to complete a project in your home, then you can visit our Kernersville showroom or contact us online to see what we have available.