Best Materials for Your Outdoor Kitchen

by | Oct 17, 2015 | News


Homeowners who wish to create an outdoor kitchen that is as practical as it is beautiful have a limited number of material choices for floors and surface areas. Every true outdoor kitchen requires at least one cooking appliance — often a grill — as well as an adequate food preparation area. The material you choose for your outdoor kitchen floors and countertops will greatly affect the overall look of your space and the level of maintenance it will require throughout its lifetime.

Go For Granite
Granite, a natural stone, is the best choice for both looks and longevity. Able to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions, natural stone will also cope well with the heat that radiates from your cooking appliances. A built in non-slip texture adds safety to your area, while the natural beauty adds a level of luxury which is unsurpassed. While granite may be more expensive at the onset, never needing maintenance or replacement makes it far more favorable over a longer period.

Concrete Considerations
Concrete is another popular option for outdoor kitchen floors and counters. It may be stained or dyed a variety of colors before it is poured into the desired shape. Concrete is durable, however it requires sealing and waxing throughout its lifespan. Concrete will last quite a while if maintained, but overall not as long as natural stone. While concrete can be applied in a very nice fashion, it does not provide the luxury feel of granite.

Tile Troubles
Your third option for outdoor kitchen surface materials is tile. You should use porcelain tile, as ceramic tiles chip easily. Homeowners on a budget may view tile as their best option, however in the long term the tile will need to be replaced numerous times. Grout in between the tile stains easily, may fade due to sun exposure and erodes quickly when exposed to insects and animals. Another thing to consider is extreme temperature; in areas that freeze the grout in between your tiles will expand and contract resulting in cracks. Eventually these cracks will lead to lifting of the tiles and breaks within your surfaces.

For an outdoor kitchen that is safe, durable, and gorgeous to look at, experts recommend you choose natural stone surfaces. With their inherent safety features and natural beauty, granite and natural stone will elevate the effectiveness and luxury of your outdoor kitchen to another level.