There are various different options when it comes to choosing and installing your granite countertops. You can have a complete slab as your countertop, granite tiles, modular granite, or you could even use remnants of the natural stone. These options all have slightly different appearances, installation and maintenance needs, and different price points. However, whichever option you go for in the end, we recommend that you always start with the slab when choosing granite for your home.

Read on for our reasons why choosing granite countertops should always start with the slab.

Choosing the right granite for your countertops

Granite is a great, long-lasting material, which is what makes it an economical choice despite its sometimes high price point. So, if you’re going to have these granite countertops in your home for decades to come, it’s important that you choose something that you’ll be really happy with. It would be a nightmare if you see it in a new light as soon as it’s installed and decide you aren’t keen.

Choosing granite countertops shouldn’t be a rushed decision, and viewing it in slab form is the best way to get an accurate impression of the stone you’re choosing.

View the granite on a larger scale

Small tiles can look good on your countertops, but individual tiles are not the best for getting an overall impression of the stone and its patterns. The larger scale of granite slabs will give you a more accurate view of the stone, helping you to better visualize how it will look in your kitchen and with everything else in the room.

A better view of the colors

When buying granite, seeing the original slab will also give you a better view of the colors. Colors in natural stone can vary greatly from one piece to another, so viewing a small sample of granite will not always be accurate. Instead, it is better to view the actual slab that will be used to form your countertops.

Helps you avoid inclusions

Inclusions can appear in natural stone. If you want to avoid these, then it is important that you see the actual slab of stone that will be used for your countertops. Seeing a generic sample of granite will not show you this. If you see the slab of granite for your countertops and want to avoid certain inclusions, then you can have the manufacturer work around these to create the best granite countertops for you.

If you’re looking for the perfect granite slab for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, then Amanzi Granite can help. We supply granite and other types of natural stone countertops across Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and Kernersville. Get in touch to let us know what you’re looking for.