A backsplash is typically positioned on the wall behind your kitchen stovetop to protect the wall from the splatter of food and grease while you’re cooking. Or it could be behind your sink to protect from water splashes. But more than this, it can also make a great decorative feature or an attractive complement to the design of the rest of your kitchen. When you’re choosing your kitchen backsplash, there are two main styles to choose from; tile or a solid slab backsplash.

Tile backsplash

A tile backsplash is an extremely versatile option when it comes to design, shape, and color. You can choose tiles that are all the same color, alternating colors, or even create an attractive pattern with decorative tiles. Tile is relatively easy to install yourself if you have some experience with laying tiles, and is also more affordable than solid slab backsplashes.

If you opt for a tile backsplash, the tile itself is nice and easy to clean, but the grout lines between the tiles can cause problem. Dirt and grime can accumulate in these gaps and are more difficult to clean properly when you’re wiping down the surface. Tiles do offer benefits when it comes to maintenance, however, as you can simply replace one tile if it gets damaged rather than replacing the entire backsplash.

Solid slab backsplash

A solid slab backsplash is made up of one continuous piece of material, typically either glass, a natural stone such as granite or marble, or an engineered stone such as quartz. Since it’s one continuous piece, it is much more convenient to clean compared to tile, and the materials used are ones that are easy to clean.

In terms of style, many people prefer the more streamlined, uninterrupted appearance of a solid backsplash, but it can be less versatile in terms of mixing and matching colors, styles, and patterns. They are more minimalist with a single color or stone hue, which can create a bold aesthetic.

Solid slab backsplashes may be more difficult to install and need to be cut to the right size by a professional, which is part of the reason why they are typically more expensive, as well as the face that slightly more material is required due to the lack of grout lines.

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