The White Granite Trend for 2015

by | Oct 17, 2015 | News


Undertaking a kitchen or bath remodel, whether through a designer or as a DIY project, can be a daunting task. As a homeowner, you want the materials that you use to be as appealing as they are practical. Even if you are not anticipating the need or desire to sell your home in the near future, eventually that time may come. The choices that you make for the design and color schemes within these rooms may either help or hinder your selling potential.

Why Use White Granite?
There has been an increase in the use of white granite countertops in both kitchens and bathrooms. As designers have shied away from the overly dark color schemes that were recently popular, fresh neutral and monochromatic palettes have become the desired look within these rooms. White granite countertops are used to help blend neutral color palettes, as well as being a prominent design aspect in itself. This is especially seen in kitchens, where the countertop is often the focal point of the design.

You may be wondering why white is such a popular option in 2015. The answer is simple; white is a color that compliments and coordinates with every other color. Whether you have chosen to decorate your kitchen in a monochromatic theme with grays and black accents, or a neutral theme with natural wood tones, white granite countertops will highlight them all. A true neutral color itself, it may be mixed or matched with every other color scheme to evoke a naturally bright atmosphere.

While white granite countertops are the trend of 2015, this should not dissuade you from installing them in your kitchens or baths because you fear they will eventually fall out of favor. White is always in style, as it brings a sense of cleanliness and sophistication to every room. While it is currently highlighted in certain design schemes, in the future it’s expected to remain just as relevant. The added benefit of white granite countertops is their durability; you will not damage or destroy this tough material throughout its life in your home. With minimal maintenance requirements and a glorious finish that lasts, white granite is a great choice for all of your countertop surfaces.