There are 12 really bad offenders when it comes to kitchen clutter. There are ways to fix them though. Rubber bands are one of these sources of clutter. Mail is another thing that can cause a lot of clutter in the kitchen. Another culprit is reusable shopping bags. Corks and bottle caps are others.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scores of cabinets and miles of counter space, a place for everything and everything in its place — this is the dream kitchen.
  • Our kitchens are working spaces that we forgive for being short on cabinets, counter space, and often, both.
  • I surveyed my friends and family to find out the worst culprits of kitchen clutter, the things that always seem to pile up or get in the way — plus the best ways to deal with them.

“While twist-ties and plastic bread tags can certainly be reused — and plastic twist ties are great for trellising tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans in backyard gardens — be realistic as to how many to keep.”