When you’re researching potential materials for your new countertops, you’ve probably found marble brought up often as one of the top choices. Although it can be expensive, marble has lots of advantages for both kitchen and bathroom countertops. Let’s take a look at some of those advantages if you’re still on the fence about installing marble countertops.

It’s tough and durable

You get a lot of value for your money with marble because it’s impressively strong and long-lasting. This makes it hard to scratch when you’re preparing food or if you drop a glass on it. It also means it will last a long time in good condition before it needs replacing. It’s also resistant to heat, so it shouldn’t damage if you accidentally put a hot pan down on the surface.

It looks amazing in any kitchen

People choose marble for the way that it looks – beautiful and elegant. Fill your kitchen with this natural stone and you’ll never get sick of seeing it when you walk in the room. And it will do a great job at impressing guests whenever you’re entertaining. It has a versatile appeal that will suit both modern and traditional kitchen styles. It’s also flexible to work with, allowing you to choose from a variety of edges when ordering your marble countertop.

It stays cool

If you like to bake in your kitchen, then this property of marble will be important to you. Marble does not conduct heat very well, helping it to stay cool. This provides the perfect surface for working with pastry and other foods.

It can increase resale value

You can consider the money you spend on marble countertops as a good investment because it could help you sell your home. Marble countertops are very desirable, so they are likely to attract more buyers and could even allow you to raise the asking price on your house.

If you’re convinced by marble but are still put off by the price, you can save some money on your marble countertops by using marble remnants instead of solid slab or tile. Countertop remnants can be bought more cheaply and combined to form attractive marble countertops.

If you have any more questions about the pros and cons of marble countertops, get in touch with Amanzi Granite and we can answer all your questions. You can also visit our countertop showroom if you’re ready to select a natural stone for your countertops.